New Feature: Email Format Options

Different emails you send your clients require a different look & feel. With that in mind, PPM now allows you to send emails within PPM with three distinct format options!

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New Feature: Service Configuration Options

With our new Service Configuration Options -and a little bit of creativity- you can add all kinds of new products and services to your Party Pro Manager Catalogue.

In a nutshell, this new feature will allow you to choose to hide/show certain parts of your PPM booking form based on what makes sense for each individual service.

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New Feature: Customize “Deposit” Terminology

In Party Pro Manager it is possible for you to customize the terminology used to describe your “deposit”.  

Perhaps the term “non-refundable deposit” or “booking fee” feels better for you… 

Now, you can make that change as you please 🙂 

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System Improvement: Handling Cancellations, Rescheduled Events and Recording Refunds

There are some features we wish our users never needed to use. These would certainly fall in that category.

But, the reality is that sometimes cancellations, rescheduling and even refunds happen. So to make sure an already frustrating situation isn’t more annoying, PPM is here to make it as simple as possible for you!

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New Feature: Popup PPM Forms

Your Party Pro Manager booking request form already has your logo, your brand colours, and your ‘catalogue’. Now, your booking form can also be displayed right there within your own website 😊

If you weren’t already the envy of your competitors, you sure will be now 🤪

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New Feature: Automated Contacts List

There’s nothing worse than manual data-entry. Ugh, boooorrriiinnnggg! That’s why Party Pro Manager wants to do the data entry for you.

With our Automated Contacts List, you’ll get an auto-generated list of contacts in real time!

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System Improvement: Full Name Required

“Hi Jane! I’d love to help you out, but I have no idea which Jane you are, yikes!!” – said you, never ever again!

How can we be so sure that you won’t face this problem again? Simple, we now require your clients to submit a FULL NAME on your booking forms 🙂

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New Feature: Booking Request Form Custom Intros

With Custom Intros now added to your booking forms, you can add a quick welcoming message that your clients will see as soon as they load up your booking form!

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New Feature: Event Cloning

Imagine, you have a client coming back to book another event with you, yay! OR, you have a client booking multiple events at one time, super yay! But entering all that info can be tedious, right?

Well, not if you use the nifty CLONE shortcut available to you in Party Pro Manager!

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New Feature: Drag and Drop Ordering

Say goodbye to manually reordering your Package Options and Choices with complicated number sequences you have to keep track of! Now, ordering your options and choices is as simple as dragging and dropping them into place!

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