New Features: Public Facing Domain Options

As you already know, to make your life easier, we host your booking forms, finalisation forms, etc. for you. (of course you can embed the booking form as a popup right on your website, but that’s a discussion for another day 😉) By default your forms are hosted at our “” domain. BUT… you can now choose between two different public facing domains.

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New Features: Big Billing & Payments Update

This is a HUGE update to how Party Pro Manager helps you collect payments from clients. Collect Final Balance through PPM, override payment options for individual events, and new options to force clients to pay the Final Balance at the event are all included in this update!

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New Feature: Staff Status

Activate and Deactivate staff as needed! Plus, “inactive” staff will NOT count toward your plan staff limitations, 🙌

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New Feature: Custom Thank You Page

Upon successful submission of the form, you can choose to redirect that client to any page on your website that you’d like!!

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New Feature: Display “Assets” in Calendar and Week Planner Views

In your calendar views, you can now choose if the primary information displayed is the Client Info or the Asset they’ve selected. Here’s an example…

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System Improvement: New Placeholders for Standard Texts

You now have even more personalisation options available for your Standard Text templates for emails and PDFs.

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New Feature: Share the ‘remaining balance’ when providing booking information to staff

If you have your staff collect the Remaining Balance from the client on the day of the event, it may be helpful for you to share the ‘remaining balance’ information right there in the Staff Portal for your staff to see!

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New Feature: How Did You Hear About Us – On Finalisation Form

Learning where your clients found you is incredibly important.

Party Pro Manager has always helped you gather this important information on your Booking Request Forms. But sometimes people don’t supply it 🙁

Well, now we give you another opportunity to collect this key info during the Finalisation process 🙂

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New Feature: Add Staff Before Event Date is Set

Imagine you’re planning an event that you KNOW you want some very specific staff to run… One problem, you don’t know the date of the event!

Before this update, you couldn’t add your staff until the date was set. Well, now you can!

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New Feature: Add Multiple Staff, At Once

Say goodbye to… ADD ONE STAFF, Click OK > ADD ANOTHER STAFF, Click OK > ADD ANOTHER STAFF, Click OK > etc etc

Now, you can add multiple staff to an event AT ONCE!

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