System Update: More info at your fingertips, More presonalization, Faster speeds

Here’s a list of the more important changes that were recently made…

⭐ Staff Role displayed on ‘Add Staff’ screen

By popular demand, we’re now displaying the Staff Role right there on the Add Staff Screen (and also the Week Planner view!)

Event Details Popup on Add Staff Screen (for other shifts)

We’ve introduced the Event Details Popup on the Add Staff screen.

Simply hover your mouse over the other shifts a staff is booked into and see all the key details of those events at a glance!

⭐ Simple Yes/No Consent Questions for added flexibility

We’ve made a small change to the “Consent Question” feature.

It used to be that the two default responses to a “Consent Question” were:

  • Yes please
  • No thanks

While this was very polite and worked for many consent questions users were using, it didn’t quite work for all creative purposes you may use this feature for.

So, we’ve made a simple update where now the two responses are simply:

  • Yes
  • No

👉 You can access the “Consent Questions” feature via: Settings > T&Cs / Privacy

⭐ More placeholders for more personalization

We’ve added more Placeholders you can use to further customize your client emails and PDFs with more personalized information.

Some of the placeholders we’ve recently added are:

  • {{ }}: Inserts the client’s phone number
  • {{ }}: Inserts the client’s email address
  • {{ booking.package }}: Inserts the Service and Package for this booking 

👉 Click here for a full list of all available placeholders

Add “Character Name” to Google Calendar Title

Attention Character Entertainers! If you ever wished that you could include the Character Names in the title sent to your Google Calendar integration… now you can!!

Simply use this placeholder: {{ characters.names }}

and include it in the custom “Event Summary format” in your integration settings for Google Calendar.

👉 Access via: Settings > Integration

Email Notification threads split by event

If you are a Gmail user and you love your conversation-based threads, you’ll love this one

We now include the event Ref # in the subject line of all system email notifications. With this small update, your email threads will be split and organized by event 🙌

Google Calendar Content Sharing

We’ve cleaned up a few things to ensure that company admin have full control of what details are shared with their staff, even if via a Google Calendar integration.

More control of form fields for Guest of Honour Name and Age

You now have more controls for what “Guest of Honour” fields (e.g. Name, Age) are displayed, optional, or mandatory on your various PPM Forms.

If, for example, you run events for adults and would rather not ask the awkward question about how old the guest of honour is 🙈 Now, you can avoid that!

Speed improvements for Booking Request Forms and Admin Area

We’ve made some behind-the-scenes updates that have resulted in significantly faster loading speeds for your Booking Request Forms and Admin Area 🏃‍♀️💨

Plus, other system improvements and bug fixes