System Update: More tools on the go, Better at-a-glance views, and more

Here’s a list of the more important changes that were recently made…

⭐ Staff Listed in Calendar View on Mobile

Now, even on your mobile device, you can quickly see which staff are booked for which event!

With this update, in the calendar view, you can see the staff initials listed with each event.

Note: for this to work you must have ‘Initials’ set for each staff in their Profile. If not, the colour-coordinate icon that you’ve selected will show instead.

⭐ Updated Week Planner View

The new and improved Week Planner now shows even more info at-a-glance!

You no longer need to hover the cell to see any availability notes a staff has added for a particular day.

To access the Week Planner, go to Calendar and then change from ‘Month View’ to ‘Week Planner’ (only available with certain plans)

⭐ Autopilot: Trigger based on Balance Due Date

You can now choose to have your Date-Based Automations trigger based the Balance Due Date (as well as the Event Date)

To access go to: Settings > Autopilot Settings

⭐ Autopilot: Custom Delay Periods

With this update, you can now set your automations to run based on any range of days, from 1-30 days, before or after the trigger date.

To access go to: Settings > Autopilot Settings

⭐ Set a Default Final Balance Due Date

This new setting, enables you to set a default Final Balance Due Date, relative to the Event Date (e.g. 3 days before event)

When this is set, you can update the Final Balance Due Date with the click of a button (or put in a custom date as needed)…

But, even if you don’t set it… The Final Balance Due Date will be automatically set accordingly once the client Finalizes/Confirms their event.

⭐ Create Multiple Clones of an Event at Once

Click here to learn How-to Clone an Event

⭐ Disable Self-Serve Staff Availability

If you’d rather be in total control of updates made to your Staff Availability chart, you can now disable your team’s ability to update their own availability.

To access this feature, go to: Settings > Staff Scheduling

Plus, other system improvements and bug fixes

  • Several bugs have been squashed 🕷️👟
  • We’ve made a bunch of performance improvements to speed up certain key areas of the system
  • Fixed the scenario where in some outside cases, the booking form didn’t provide helpful guidance text for what “Guest of Honor” means (for example: “e.g. birthday boy / girl”)
  • Some users seemed to be unable to activate / deactivate their Autopilot rules for a particular event on their mobile device in some cases. This is now fixed.
  • In some cases (with PayPal in particular) the ‘Deposit Received’ email was still displaying the full amount as the remaining balance instead of deducting the deposit amount received. This is also now fixed.
  • In mobile, the events list wasn’t always sorting consistently by the event time for the day that was selected. This is now resolved 🙂