System Update: Email Automation, Free Account Upgrades, and more

Here’s a list of the more important changes that were recently made…

⭐ Email Automation: Introducing PPM Autopilot (beta)

Our first version of ‘Autopilot’ has gone live and we couldn’t be more pumped about this.

With these new features you can:

🤖 Set Date-Based E-mail Automations

🤖 Set Action-Based E-mail Automations

🤖 Choose to turn the automations on/off on a per event basis

🤖 Review your list of all upcoming automations due to trigger.

Plus, we have some big plans on how we will be stacking even more powerful options on this for all of you in the future!

Learn more about how this feature works in this helpful tutorial.

⭐ Free Account Upgrades 🙌

ALL of our users, across all three plans got a free upgrade recently!

Essential Plan

  • NEW = Autopilot Lite (Action Rules)
  • FREE UPGRADE = This plan now also includes ‘Payment Integrations’ (for Square and PayPal)

Premium Plan

  • NEW = Autopilot (Action rules and date rules)
  • FREE UPGRADE = This plan now also includes ‘Fast-Action Bulk Client Emailing’

Unicorn Plan

  • NEW = Autopilot (Action rules and date rules)
  • FREE UPGRADE = Includes extra date rules for Autopilot (with more exciting Autopilot upgrades coming soon!)

⭐ Internal Package Options

With this update, you can create Package Options that WILL NOT be displayed to your clients on your booking forms. But, you can apply them to to their event.

Great for special options you don’t want to make publicly available!

Click here to learn how

⭐ Staff Gig Acceptance: New Options

You can now choose if your staff will be presented with the “Maybe” option when responding to Gig Invitations.

Click here to learn how to turn this option on/off

⭐ Show Event Zip code / Postal Code on Calendar

You can now choose to display the event Zip code / Postal Code on your PPM Calendar

To do this…

  • Go to “Settings” > “Fine tuning / Terminology”
  • Scroll to the “Calendar” section
  • Select the “Show zip / postcode on calendar entries?”

Plus, other system improvements and bug fixes