System Update: Filter Events by Service, Track Staff Avail Changes, and more

Here’s a list of the more important changes that were recently made…

⭐ Event List Filtering by Service

You can now filter your events by Service on both your Event List and your Calendar View 🎉

⭐ Quick Event Preview… in more places!

There are now Quick Event Preview shortcuts available on both the Event List and the Staff Gig Report List. Simply hover your mouse over the eyeball icon.

⭐ Run Staff Gig Reports for a specified Date Range

You can now run your Gig Reports for custom date ranges. Simply set a start and end date and you’re all set!

⭐ Track when staff change their availability for a specific date

When staff update their Override Availability, you can now see a date stamp of when they made the most recent change.

To access these notes, go to Team > edit Staff you’d like to review > Override Availability > Click the week in question > hover over info icon for specific date

⭐ Add formatting to the ‘additional notes’ on your invoices

We’ve added the ability to add formatting and images to your ‘additional notes’ on your PPM invoices

Plus, other system improvements and bug fixes