System Update: Outrageous Guarantee, Control Staff Info and more…

We’ve recently launched a bunch of new updates to the system. Here’s a list of the more important changes that were recently made…

⭐ Get Life-Changing Results, or your money back! 😲 NEW!

Our brand new Outrageous Guarantee puts 3 safeguards in place for you, so you can walk away as late as 3 months after signing up, and still get a 100% refund!

Learn more about this risk-free guarantee…

⭐ More Control Of What Your Staff See + Scheduled Reveals!

You now have even MORE control of the data your staff see in their Staff Portal and/or Gig Info Emails!

Plus, we’ve added a very powerful new feature where you can set certain details to auto-reveal on a set schedule.

⭐ Duplicate Email Templates

To make it easier for you to create new Standard Texts (a.k.a. Email Templates), you can now duplicate/clone existing templates so you don’t have to start from scratch 🙌

⭐ Collect Full Payment – UPFRONT

Want to collect full payment (instead of a deposit) from your client upon finalizing your booking?  This is now possible 🙂

Click here to learn how to collect full payment upfront

⭐ Override Default Terminology

Do the terms “Service” and “Package” not quite fit with your business model?  Or maybe “Request a booking” just doesn’t sit quite right with you.  Well, now you have more control to customize even more of our default terminology.  

Just head over to Settings > Fine-Tuning / Terminology and update as you see fit!

⭐ Visual Updates to Booking Forms

We’ve made some minor tweaks to the look of your booking forms that are making a major difference! Mostly notably, you’ll see the headings of the Package Options for choices, add-ons and upgrades are much more prominent now 🥳

⭐ Assets list is now searchable

For this with a long list of assets in your Catalogue, this search feature will be your new best friend 🙂

⭐ Default tax percentages now allow for decimals

⭐ Client-proposed times show in event preview

⭐ “Graduation” has been added to the Occasions list

⭐ New asset category for “Animal” added

⭐ Gig fee shows as “TBC” or “TBD” in Staff Portal if no gig fee is provided

This used to show as $0.00, but has been updated to avoid confusion. “TBC” or “TBD” terms will be automatically selected based on geographic location.