System Update: Staffing on-the-go from Mobile device, Custom Form Questions, and more

Here’s a list of the more important changes that were recently made…

⭐ Custom Form Question

Add custom short-answer questions to your booking, and confirmation forms.  Learn how to do this here.

⭐ Staffing On-The-Go (from Mobile Device)

This update enables those of you with a Team to:

  1. Check your staff availability (from your mobile device)
  2. Assign gigs to staff (from your mobile device)

Learn more about the mobile experience here.

⭐ Auto-Hide Client Info from staff

You’ve always been able to hide able to control what sensitive information your team can see from their Staff Portal, the emails they receive, and their Calendar subscriptions.

With this update you can now also automatically hide the Client Info (email/phone number) from all the same places!

Learn more about how to set this up here.

⭐ Custom T&C link per Service Type

Do you have different T&Cs you want your clients to agree to based on the different Services you offer?

With this update, you can set a custom T&C url for each Service in your Catalogue.

Learn about all the custom configurations you can set for each Service in your Catalogue here.

⭐ PPM Link Shortener

We’ve introduced a new, special shortened link for your PPM forms.  The new shortened domain is

Your new shortened URL will display alongside your long form URL option in various places throughout the system.

Plus, other system improvements and bug fixes