New Feature: Weekly Planner Mode

With the all new Week Planner view of the calendar, you can see a full week view with ALL the critical information you need to see at a glance.

In this view you’ll see:

  • A Monday to Sunday view of any week
  • A list of all events for each day of the week
  • The event list can be filtered by events that are fully staffed vs those that are currently understaffed
  • A ‘Staff / Gigs’ summary showing the status of all allocated gigs AND a notification of how many gigs still need to be allocated to a staff, where applicable
  • A list of all of your staff, with daily indicators for:
    • Staff availability
    • Availability notes
    • Events already booked
  • Plus, hovering over any event, any where on the grid, will give you expanded details for that particular event. If you require even more details, simply double the event to open the event editor.

Click here for more details and a tutorial on how to access and use the Week Planner view.