New Feature: How Did You Hear About Us – On Finalisation Form

Learning where your clients found you is incredibly important.

Party Pro Manager has always helped you gather this important information on your Booking Request Forms. But sometimes people don’t supply it 🙁

Well, now we give you another opportunity to collect this key info during the Finalisation process 🙂

NOTE: this question will only appear during the Finalisation process if:

  1. You have this feature turned on, and
  2. If your client didn’t already supply this info during the Booking Request process

Here’s how you set this up:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Go to Form Fields

Step 3: Make sure you have “How did you hear about us?” set to either O (optional) or M (mandatory) under the “Booking Finalisation” column

Adding staff to events

▶️▶️ Click here and scroll to step 5 of this help doc for more details on your Form Settings